Memories from My Mom Charlotte

Bob on religion...
He was in church at one week old and attended Sunday school church and sunday night services with his mother and father as well as wednesday evening church and summer church camp at GreenLake in Wisconsin. These activities were not only a religious experience but these activities were the basis of a support network of friends and families and long time friends of his family.

Bob was proud that his baptist church in St Louis as it was dually aligned being Southern Baptist and American Baptist this represented the best of both worlds to him and the opportunity for him to have somewhat controversial discussions in his sunday school class. He liked to say even as an adult, in an American Baptist church in California, that drinking was okay and then he went into a grand discussion of the first miracle Jesus turning water to wine while those sitting by wrinkled their brow with a brief flash of a new consideration in front of them.
On Easter morning we did the Easter Egg hunt. Always before church, but first thing upon awakening, Bob got out of bed with his own version of the Easter Sunrise Service song "He arose..He arose....with a mighty triumph...ore...his TOES....He arose...He arose" we started those days off laughing every time was even funnier cause Bob could not carry a tune but  in those day he sang as if he was in Carnegie Hall.